colour of the year
‘in the mood’

In an increasingly noisy, fast paced world, we look to our colour of the year for calm; In the Mood is a complex and soothing neutral, with an earthy, soft pink-toned base. As natural light enhances the shade, so too do natural materials. Woods and textiles complement it’s cocooning qualities while succulent foliage brings a freshness and connection to the earth creating an airy escape.

The colour of the year is a neutral like no other. It’s beautifully

outdoor connection
In the Mood is a connection to the outdoors and the open landscape beyond, there is no divide; we are sheltered but free.
bare tints
The serenity conveyed by stones smoothed over centuries reflects the design of the colour of the year with tints barely perceived but deeply felt.

peace & tranquility
A harmonious blend of mineral cool and organic warmth soothes and heals, drawing us back to a place of peace and tranquility.