colour story two: terrain

Be grounded by terrain

Inspired by desert landscapes, this warm theme balances earthy, mineral and neutral colours in an easy-to-use palette.
The trick to using ‘terrain’ is to concentrate on greys and neutrals first to provide a subtle backdrop. Then use the other colours (such as Sunrise Glow) sparingly to create an energetic accent.

PAR Supermatt is designed for all living spaces in your home, where a stylish finish is wanted. Its matt finish is great for hiding imperfections.

Auberge 66 creates a dark backdrop to show off natural wood shelving and beautiful kitchenware in open plan spaces. It looks best in areas with lots of natural light.

PAR Supergloss water-based is a great choice for the kitchen as it’s heat and steam resistant, as well as being hardwearing and washable.