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Choose Your Own Colour

Colour Chart  

At Kansai Paint, we take colours seriously. We strive to satisfy your every colour desire.

The Colour Xpression concept is a blend of innovative technology and inspiring colour combinations that eases your colour selection. We do our utmost to ensure you have a pleasant and time saving experience. With the use of innovative computerised colour tinting dispenser, you can choose over a wide range of exciting hues. All it takes its just 30 minutes and you will walk out of the shop with your prefered colour.

Below is a simple guideline for making your own colours.

Step 1: Visit our Colour Xpression Store
Step 2: Choose your colour combination and inform store               assistant
Step 3: Store assistant to tint your desired colours using the               Colour Xpression Tinting Machine
Step 4: Check the colour made
Step 5: Pay for your purchase

Now, you are all set to start your painting project.


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