colour story three:
Craft Spirit
We live in a world of infinite inspiration through connection, but the more we explore our world the more we find common colours are the ties that bind. Craft Spirit pays tribute to this rich global mix with a grounded and pigmented palette of warm burnished hues, fruity accents and watery blues. We all have a link back to a crafted past and rediscovering and remixing that is key today.

See the warm side of Craft Spirit in this medley of Rooibos and Belle Aurore. It’s a blend that updates the pigmented colour of ancient cultures for contemporary living spaces.

Indigoes and blues are very on trend for the coming year. Get the look in your home with this ombre treatment using Inuendo and Ocean Melody.

This palette’s earthy colours are great for creating grounded spaces. This rich mix of Rooibos and African Mud creates a bold backdrop for eclectic decor.